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Support the Well-being of Malaysian Chinese Educators through Lee Chong Wei Foundation

Teachers are the unsung heroes safeguarding the future of Chinese education in Malaysia, with almost 3% of our overseas talents are Malaysian, Diamond Sports Group together with these Malaysian colleagues, would like to express our gratitude to the educators for their unwavering support and dedication to nurturing young minds, but often neglect their own well-being. Badminton Legend Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei established the "Lee Chong Wei Foundation" in 2013 to extend his influence beyond his achievements on the court by aiming to create opportunities for budding athletes and to help orphans and those in need of assistance in Malaysia. Through donation to the Foundation, which used the funding to provide Health Management solutions by MJ Health to secondary school teachers, it is to inspire educators to make self-care a priority, promoting an awareness of the importance of sound body and mind. An investment in educator self-care is an investment in the brilliant future of our youth.

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