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Meet the Board


Charles Chen

Founder & Chairman

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An earnest and diligent executer who founded Diamond Group 50 years ago. A leader who always encourages every member in Diamond's family to strive with Mencius words: "What kind of person was Shun? What kind of person am I? As he was, so should I be"「舜何人? 禹何人?有為者亦若是」


Bang Lin

Vice Chairman

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One part curious, one part creative, and one part entrepreneurial.  Started in Taiwan, mixed together in America, and finished up at MIT. Serves up visions and strategies for sustainable growth, foster and inspire effective teams, and always got something cooking..


Susan Wang

Board Member

1978 - Present

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As one of the senior members, I've witnessed the very beginning days to the Diamond Group you see today. Along this journey, I've strived to be the best role I can for Diamond. My most important mission now is to build and train our next managerial team to continue the Diamond legacy.


Dr. Louis Chen

Board Member, CEO

2003 - Present

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An entrepreneur with passion to execute innovative ideas, an expert in sport's goods manufacturing industry, a business-minded educator lecturing at Universities in Taiwan, and  and a co-founder of companies in software, sports team, E-commerce and franchise restaurant industries.


Snow Lin

Board Member

1975 - Present

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As a member of Diamond Sports Group, I feel that the leadership style and culture of group’s management is full of strong emotions and innovation. Each organization has a different chain of command. Teamwork makes the enterprise and employees more centripetal. With the high-quality corporate culture and comfortable working environment, Diamond can create another miracle for the next 50 years.

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