Meet the Specialists



Chief Accounting Officer

2006 - Present

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Upholding myself and responsibilities with high stands is my work ethic. I wish to continuously sharpen and broaden my accounting, taxing, and customs skills. With innovation and adjustments, there are always rooms for improvement to be a part of the finance team.

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Dennis Yeh

Chief Information Officer

2009 - Present

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A pediatrician with 30+ years of experience and practice in the field, who believes students comes first and teachers comes after, and who puts full effort in building student's interests and self discipline management. Teaching philosophy: heartwarming, diversity, happiness, innovative.


Ingrid Liu

Lawyer, Head of Legal Department

2006 - Present

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Started out as a legal assistant and became a professional lawyer after obtaining my certification. An expert in Labor Contract Law and business contracts who aspires to become a Chief of Justice to better contribute and serve Diamond Group.


Mina Luo

Certified Accountant

Head of Data Center

2014 - Present

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An experienced cross-departments' communicator with passionate and energetic personality, who has several years of practice as an  account and auditor that combine effective analysis with production cost. Love to learn to expand new fields.


Anne Chung Ketcham

Multi-media Consultant

2017 - Present

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A multifaced team-player with passion, creativity, and ambitious mind, who has had 3+ years of marketing project management experience as well as a special assistant to the top management of companies, and who strives to contribute her well-rounded skill-set to Diamond Group's goals and vision.


Hank Hsu

Former Baseball Player

Head of Baseball

2018 - Present

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A retired pro baseball player, who works with dream chasing attitude and gives everything what I've got to every steps along the way.