Meet the Executives


Dr. Louis Chen

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Board Member, CEO

2003 - Present

An entrepreneur with passion to execute innovative ideas, an expert in sport's goods manufacturing industry, a business-minded educator lecturing at Universities in Taiwan, and  and a co-founder of companies in software, sports team, E-commerce and franchise restaurant industries.


Jack Lin

Vice President

1986 - Present

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A logic-oriented thinker who comes from Taiwan and loves shoe's product development and manufacturing technology. A true believer in scientific quantified management, but never forgets the essential assets of shoe's manufacturing industry is "human". 


Eric Hsu

Vice President

2003 - Present

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An enthusiastic member who always work with persistency. At the same time, striving with Diamond's vision and taking on multiple management roles in different facilities across the globe.A team player who loves to learn new things in details, and willing to be the team leader when in need.


John Chen

Executive Director

2002 - Present

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A full marathon runner categorized under Sub 4, and who loves to gain new knowledge. Nevertheless, carrying on facing difficulties and challenges at work with a runner's humble state of mind.


Johnny Yu

Executive Director

2004 - Present

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A native Taiwanese with connections from NTU education background who has gained extensive and valuable experience of cross-industry and international business management.

As well as an enthusiastic learner who loves learning new things while embracing challenges and 

hustling for a better life.


Fred Shih

Executive Director

2001 - Present

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As a Diamond's team member, who always strive with high curiosity to take on new projects and challenges. With international business education background, who always brings the most professional, innovative, and high quality service to clients across the globe as a global citizen in a globalized corporation.


James Zhang

Executive Director

2001 - Present

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One cannot resist change in the shoes manufacturing industry. Without innovation, continuous learning is stagnating and falling behind. I strive to challenge myself with new things, and look forward to become Diamond's key talent to develop new project and facilities in the future!


Winson Lin

Chief Financial Officer

2004 - Present

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Building a passionate, tends to details, and innovative Operation department with service integrity. We continuously strive for better policies and employee benefits to strengthen our foundation to achieve corporate sustainability.